36th Way SRD

36th Way System Resource Document #

36th Way is a system resource document that owes an incredible debt to 13th Age. Some features include:

  • Uses 3d6 instead of 1d20 for its primary resolution. Incorporates advantage/disadvantage mechanics instead of +/- modifiers.
  • No ability scores - that is, no Strength, Intelligence, etc. You won’t miss them.
  • No races/ancestries/etc. (Your Background can cover this if that’s what you want to emphasize, but could also cover things like culture, upbringing, or a former career.)
  • Instead of 13th age Backgrounds, you have Skills. You gain one from your class, one from your Background, and one from your One Unique Thing.
  • Relationship dice have been reimagined as something closer to hero/action points (you can use them to replace dice in a roll). They’re still tied to Icons/Factions and can be Positive or Negative!
  • Every class has been rewritten and/or altered in some major way. Includes nearly every class from 13th Age and 13 True Ways. Also I wrote an Alchemist class, because I like Alchemists.
  • Basically all combat equipment is abstract by default - instead of Weapons you have Stances, instead of Magic Items on Slots there are Augmentations on Praxes.
  • A good chunk of the mechanics that you (presumably, if you’ve read this far!) know and love from 13th Age, with considerable tweaks and rebalancing.
  • Includes everything you need - all player and GM-facing content.

PDF and ePub Downloads, including character/card sheets, and devlogs can be found on the 36th Way SRD itch page below:

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