Armor Types

Armor Types #

Your Armor Type determines your base defenses based on your class. You can also use the type of Armor you have to Embrace your Flaws if you think it would make sense in the scene (like wearing Heavy Armor while swimming or No Armor while passing through a thorny forest).

Any class who doesn’t have Heavy Armor listed can wear it nonetheless. They gain +1 to AC from the Light or None/Light Armor entry, but gain 1 Disadvantage on all attack rolls.

No Armor #

Robes, Civilian Clothes, Costumes. This usually doesn’t provide much protection against weapons, but sometimes makes you quicker or gives you more presence of mind.

Light Armor #

Leather Armor, Hide Armor, Gambeson. This provides some protection against weapons but is still fairly light.

Heavy Armor #

Chainmail, Scale Mail, Plate. This provides the best protection against weapons.