Praxis of Courage

Praxis of Courage #

Items: Melee weapons.
Training: Drills with an elite force appropriate to your tier.
Experience: Went toe to toe with a significant threat.

Standard Augmentation #

Once per turn, you may spend 1 Power as a free action on or outside your turn to gain 1 Advantage on all Melee Attacks during a turn. This can be performed after making an attack (or series of attacks) but before resolving it as a hit, miss, or crit. The first time during an encounter that you use this while staggered, it costs 0 Power.

Signature Augmentations #

Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
Use this when starting the first round of combat. Increase the damage dealt, hit or miss, on your first melee attack made during this round by 1d12 x Tier.

Cruel Wounding
Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
Use this when you stagger an enemy with a melee attack hit. The enemy takes 1d10 x Tier ongoing damage of the same kind as the attack.

Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
Use this after making a melee attack. A nearby ally may roll a save against a save ends effect as a free action.

Vicious Swing
Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
Use this before making a melee attack. On a hit, it deals 2d10 x Tier extra damage. On a miss, you take 1d10 x Tier damage.

Forceful Blows
Champion, 13+ Recharge
Use this after a Natural Even hit with a melee attack against a staggered enemy. The target is Stunned until the end of its next turn.

Champion, 9+ Recharge
Use this after missing with a melee attack. Reroll the attack and gain 1 Advantage on the reroll. For the rest of the encounter, every enemy who didn’t already have it has Escalator, but only when attacking you.

Inviolable Duel
Epic, 9+ Recharge
Use this after a hit with a melee attack against an enemy. Until the end of your next turn, neither you nor the enemy you hit may move, disengage, target anyone else, or be targeted by anyone else.

Epic, 13+ Recharge
You may use this on your turn during an encounter. Pick one type of non-humanoid enemy when taking this Signature Augmentation. Your melee attacks add 9d10 damage, hit or miss, against against the chosen enemy type until the end of the turn.