Praxis of Decisiveness

Praxis of Decisiveness #

Items: Offhand weapons, quivers, bandoliers, talismans, holy relics.
Training: Sessions with a duelist, hunter, or assassin appropriate to your tier. Initiation into an extreme political or religious order.
Experience: Defeated an enemy who’s a significant threat, assassinated a high profile target, or won an important duel.

Standard Augmentation #

Once per turn, you may spend 1 Power as a free action on or outside your turn to add 1d10 x Tier to damage you deal after a hit or miss as long as damage is dealt. This damage is not subject to Resistance, but is multiplied on a crit. The first time in an encounter that this is used to add to critical damage, it costs 0 Power.

Signature Augmentations #

Adventurer, 11+ Recharge
Use this when you’re hit by an enemy engaged with you. Make a melee attack against the target’s AC. If this attack hits, the original attack misses instead of hits.

Adventurer, 11+ Recharge
Use this when you miss with a melee or ranged attack. An ally engaged with the target may make a basic attack against that target.

Adventurer, 11+ Recharge
Use this after making a basic attack. Make another basic attack against another target in range.

Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
Use this anytime during an encounter that includes double-strength or triple-strength enemies. For the rest of the encounter, you increase your hit damage against double-strength and triple-strength enemies by 1d10 x Tier.

Commanding Presence
Champion, 11+ Recharge
Use this when you hit an enemy. Until it hits you with an attack, all attacks it makes against allies gain 1 Disadvantage.

Champion, 9+ Recharge
Use this when you miss an enemy with an attack. Every attack against you gains 1 Disadvantage until the end of your next turn.

Full Assault
Epic, 13+ Recharge

Use this after you attack an enemy. Add 1d10 to the natural result of the attack.

Catastrophic Strike
Epic, 13+ Recharge
Use this when you crit an enemy. Your crits during this encounter do triple damage instead of double (or increase the multiplier by one).