Praxis of Hardiness

Praxis of Hardiness #

Items: Cape, Cloak.
Training: Long guard sessions.
Experience: Enduring harsh weather or environmental conditions.

Standard Augmentation #

Once per turn, you may spend 1 Power as a free action on or outside your turn to give 1 Disadvantage to an attack against your PD. This can be performed after being attacked but before the attack is resolved as a miss, hit, or crit. If you can already do this, instead, the first time you do it per encounter costs 0 Power.

Signature Augmentations #

Heroic Stance
Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
You may use this after hitting with an attack or by spending a move action to pose. The first ally to attack the target you hit (or one nearby enemy if you posed instead) within the next round gains 1 Advantage on their first attack against that target.

Adventurer, 11+ Recharge
You may use this anytime during an encounter when you’re staggered. If you start your turn staggered, you regain HP equal to double your level. This lasts until you’re at 0 HP or are no longer staggered.

Swirling Retort
Adventurer, 11+ Recharge
You may use this after you’ve been missed by an attack from someone you’re engaged with. Make an Opportunity Attack against the attacker.

Adventurer, 11+ Recharge
You may use this at the start of your turn. One effect that would expire within a round expires immediately.

Champion, 11+ Recharge
You may use this when a foe you’re engaged with targets your ally with an attack that doesn’t also target you. You can force the enemy to target you instead of your ally.

Epic, 13+ Recharge
You may use this when hit by an attack vs PD. The attack misses instead.