Praxis of Knowledge

Praxis of Knowledge #

Items: Tome, scroll, manual, grimoire.
Training: Long, hard research.
Experience: Solved a problem solely through knowledge of facts or ability to analyze a situation.

Standard Augmentation #

Once per quick rest, you may spend 1 Power to gain 1 Advantage to a skill roll to do something based on intelligence, perception, or charisma.

Signature Augmentations #

Serpent Technique
Adventurer, 9+ Recharge
You may use this before or after you make a melee or ranged attack. You give 1 Disadvantage to the first enemy that attacks you before the end of your next turn and may pop off of one enemy.

Sainted Tradition
Adventurer, 13+ Recharge
You may use this after you cast a spell. You heal using a recovery and add 1d8 x Tier to the recovery amount.

Arcane Mysteries
Adventurer, 13+ Recharge
You may use this after making an attack with a spell. Change the natural result of the spell to 10.

Assassin Technique
Champion, 13+ Recharge
You may use this when making a melee or ranged attack with Advantage, including after finding out if it hits or misses. Add your level to hit and miss damage for each Advantage you have on the attack.

Mental Perfection
Epic, 11+ Recharge
You may use this when Pushing your Limits for a mental task. You don’t have to spend a resource (unless you choose to spend one on a failure).