Minor Magic Items

Minor Magic Items #

These are single-use items that either apply instantly or last for one encounter. If the form of something makes more sense to be something else in your campaign, feel free to change it.

Potions #

You can buy or find potions of a given tier in an environment of that tier. Drinking a potion or applying one to an ally is a move action.

Healing Potions #

Healing potions allow you to heal using a recovery. They add some bonus healing, but each tier of potion has a cap on the amount of healing it can provide.

TierCostEffectHP Cap
Adventurer50gp+1d8 HP30
Champion100gp+2d8 HP60
Epic200gp+4d8 HP100
Iconic300gp+6d8 HPNone

Resistance Potions #

Resistance potions give you Resist 13+ for a specific energy type from attacks of the appropriate tier until the end of an encounter (or for five minutes). If the attacker has a lower or higher tier than the potion, increase or decrease the Resist amount by 2 for every step it’s higher or lower (so for example, an Adventurer tier enemy attacking someone with a Champion tier Resistance potion active would count it as Resist 15+).


Runes #

You can buy or find lesser and greater runes of a given tier in an environment of that tier. Runes specify if they’re intended for armor or weaponry/implements. Applying a rune to a weapon, implement, or armor is a quick action. Runes last until the next Short or Full Rest and a second rune can’t be applied until a rune has worn off.

Lesser Runes #

When applied to a weapon (or your hands), this increases the damage of your attacks that also add Volition.

When applied to armor or clothing, this increases your current and maximum HP by the listed value.

Augmentation value increases do not stack with any Augmentations you currently have for a Praxis/Subpraxis.

TierOffensive BonusDefensive BonusCost
Adventurer+1d4 Damage+10 HP100gp
Champion+1d8 Damage+20 HP200gp
Epic+2d8 Damage+40 HP300gp
Iconic+4d8 Damage+80 HP400gp

Greater Runes #

Greater runes operate as lesser runes of the same tier, except when used, they generate a secondary effect from the charts below when used. The effect can be known or knowable beforehand or not, at the GM’s discretion.


When used on a weapon, implement, etc:

1Your opportunity attacks gain 2 Advantage.
21/4 of normal damage dealt with attacks becomes ongoing.
3Substitute Escalation for Volition for damage if it’s higher.
4Enemies you hit are Dazed until the end of your next turn.
5Enemies you hit are Softened until the end of your next turn.
6Increase the tier of this rune by 1 (if Iconic, roll again).

When used on armor, clothing, etc:

1Opportunity attacks against you gain 2 Disadvantage.
2You gain 1 Advantage on saves vs ongoing damage.
3You gain Resistance 13+ to one non-weapon damage type.
4You gain 1 Advantage on saves when staggered.
5You gain 2 Advantage on saves to end Softened or Weakened.
6Increase the tier of this rune by 1 (if Iconic, roll again).