Stances #

Different weapons and types of armament usage are divided into Stances. These can represent different kinds of weapons or different fighting styles, depending on the character. Each class has different properties for every Stance they’re proficient in, which can change both the damage die of basic attacks and attributes in general. Ranged stances always have the same range associated with them irrespective of class.

Every class has either miss damage equal to their level or no miss damage on basic attacks for melee or ranged, which applies to all melee/ranged stances respectively. A character can’t use any stance that isn’t listed for their class.

It’s a quick action to switch Stances.

Melee Stances #

Swift: A stance that represents quick, relentless attacks. Can represent small or dual-wielded weapons.

Measured: A stance that represents skilled, precise attacks. Can represent one-handed weapons used with the off-hand empty, like rapiers.

Defensive: A stance that represents a emphasis on defense. Can represent one-handed weapons used with a shield.

Aggressive: A stance that represents a emphasis on raw power. Can represent two-handed or enormous weapons.

Ranged Stances #

Rapid: A stance that represents rapidly firing close-range projectiles. Can represent small thrown weapons or certain quick-fire crossbows. Nearby range.

Close: A stance that represents medium to large close-range projectiles. Can represent thrown weaponry or quickly-aimed bow or crossbow shots. Nearby range.

Aimed: A stance that represents careful long-range shots. Can represent careful shots with crossbows or bows. Far range.

Other Stances #

Focused: A stance that represents focus on non-martial concerns. It prevents the user from making melee or ranged attacks. Can represent only holding a casting implement, holy symbol, or instrument.