A Restated History

The sun exploded. Hundreds of years later, humanity rebuilt. The sunwells were tapped as an endless source of fuel. With the power of those sunwells, humanity created Sparks to keep the flame lit. One City in particular thrives, in spite of it all.

A Revised Past

But was it that simple? Were the sunwells a clear source of power from the beginning, or was a budding city founded on a solar reservoir that nearly went dry? Was its endlessness a foregone conclusion, or was it hard-won? And could that have gone down another path?

A Revised Future

Maybe it was that simple initially, and maybe it stayed simple for a time. But will it stay that simple forever? Are those sunwells truly a bottomless reservoir? Or will that flame eventually go out? And what will become of The City then?

Burn Bright or Burn Out

This is a campaign structure for NOVA. It can be a beginning or an ending. It could be a story about humanity maintaining in spite of everything and finding a way to conquer the threat of eternal night. It could also be a story of humanity finding a way to make peace with the darkness and let the sun’s warmth set for good. That’s up to you.

Welcome to BURNOUT.


  • Guides to using BURNOUT as either a prequel or a finale, or incorporating elements into a more standard NOVA campaign.
  • A mechanical structure for representing the fading Sunwell. Keep it bright and the darkness stays at bay. Let it fade, and those you love may be at risk.
  • Additional mission parameters related to fending off threats to The City, finding precious sun shards, and making discoveries.
  • An upgrade tree with ~12-18 minor and ~12-16 major breakthroughs (largely related to this campaign’s new mechanics).
  • Four fleshed out endings, complete with four distinct ending scenarios. Keep the flame lit, or let it go out for good.

This campaign is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.