Fragments of Memories #

A king facing otherworldly destruction accepts an occult boon from an obscure church, and with it, anoints immortal champions who would drive ruin away. As peace reigned and more were created to maintain and grow the Kingdom of Volinn, they became known as the Anointed. Thus began the Age of Legends.

Many ages have passed since then. The King has since been overthrown, the nobility locked in conflict and overthrown, the church driven apart and diminished. Anointed were locked away or localized. But destruction returned from beyond - perhaps by coincidence, perhaps waiting - and with no Anointed, all were unprepared. Thus began the Age of Darkness.

The end of the Age of Darkness is yet to come. You have been freed from your imprisonment. From his centuries-fallen throne, the king calls, impossibly but surely, for you to come to his side and drive out the darkness. And surely, you must heed the call.

It is, after all, your duty as Anointed.

Memory and Inevitability #

This is a Souls-inspired game about the moment-to-moment struggles of duty-bound immortals in a ruined world. Exploring abandoned cities, ancient battlefields, and long-lost corners of the fallen kingdom, they will both recover old strength and obtain long-lost items necessary to survive when they finally reach their destination.

It contains:

  • Character creation and development based upon remembering centuries-old events in your life and dredging up further memories of past glories and defeats.
  • A combat system built using (a very heavily modified version of) LUMEN that can be extremely tactical. It’s unforgiving, but you are immortal, after all.
  • Armor, Weapons, Spells, Maneuvers, and other equipment that change how a character approaches situations - a truly fair fight is rare, and oftentimes it makes far more sense not to fight.
  • Both standard enemies and Major Threats, who represent important, unique threats to Anointed.
  • Some guidance for running the game, including a time mechanic that introduces periodic changes to the environment to keep things interesting.

Amnesiac Edition #

This version is distinctly incomplete as it is. Here are things the full edition will have:

  • More equipment, more enemies, more Memories, and tools and guidance to create your own.
  • Pre-made areas, locations, and allies.
  • GMless/GMful will be the default Narrator (GM) stance. This will come along with tools to generate/populate areas with events, themes, etc procedurally.
  • And more!

Anyone who buys the Amnesiac Edition will have access to the eventual full game, as well as patches along the way as I finish the initial versions of content. I’ll be raising the price as well when it gets more content-complete, and likely again when it’s fully finished.