Ballad of Industrial Gods

Ballad of Industrial Gods: An expansive mission for APOCALYPSE FRAME #

Ballad of Industrial Gods Cover

Salvage the Old World #

An independent survivalist community has identified a Republic base set up in the ruins of a well-stocked auto factory, and has made a proposal to the Collective: engage in a joint raid to ensure the salvaged metal falls into better hands. The Collective has promised the use of their Aces to ensure the assault’s success. Strike hard, strike quickly, and be prepared to pivot - anything can happen!

An Expansive Mission for APOCALYPSE FRAME #

Factory Map

This is a multi-part, modular mission for APOCALYPSE FRAME in which a Strike Team is expected to take on one of three roles in a heist and cover any gaps in the plan. It includes:

  • Suggestions as to how to run the mission, including as part of a campaign, as a one-shot, with multiple strike teams, and/or as a Crisis mission instead of a standard mission.
  • A framework for the heist, outlining the order in which missions resolve and how to resolve the parts of the mission that are offscreen and tying it in with the standard APOCALYPSE FRAME campaign structure.
  • 6 setpiece-based missions, covering the 3 primary heist missions and 3 secondary missions based on the resolution of those original 3.
    • Each includes a description of the scenario, any custom setup or rules, custom objectives, GM Turn suggestions, varying outcomes for degrees of success, and difficulty scaling suggestions.
    • Each mission can easily be leveraged for use outside of this heist framework, providing 6 sessions’ worth of content.
  • ACES HIGH content related to the heist is integrated in the mission, but core-only alternatives are presented every time it’s included.
Mission Flow

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