Valiant Horizon Press Kit

Valiant Horizon Press Kit #

Valiant Horizon bard
Valiant Horizon cover
Valiant Horizon berserker

Fact Sheet #

  • Developer: Binary Star Games
  • Release Date: Itchfunding started July 25th, 2023
  • Platform: Tabletop Role-Playing Game
  • Price: $15 Digital during the itchfund, with rewards for backing at higher values. $20 after the itchfunding period. Physical TBD.
  • Available At:

Game Description #

Valiant Horizon is a heroic fantasy game about regular people chosen to gain the powers and mentorship of departed heroes through magical means, learning from and bonding with other fledgling heroes, developing their own legend, and eventually becoming enshrined in legend themselves. It’s about meeting new friends and growing with them, vanquishing enemies, discovering ancient secrets, developing a world together, and making a mark on the world.

  • Crystal Fantasy: A brief, but evocative setting lays out the presence of crystals-as-magic. The strongest of these are Heroic crystals: these contain the soul of someone too powerful to simply be reabsorbed into the world, but must instead pass their power on to someone else before they can be released. Lesser crystals, including those synthesized by souls that couldn’t return to the world, form the basis of all other magic. The setting is intended to be built upon at the table, with advice as to how to do that in play for both the Narrator (GM) and other players included.
  • Character Customization: Twelve unique character classes representing heroic archetypes, each with its own unique ability set and focus, allow players to pick. Different characters are designed to work best in concert with one another, but no unique party roles are ever required to be filled and every class is designed to be flexible.
  • Heroic Action: Most actions can’t fail. Rather, some simply succeed based on expenditure of a resource, and some roll dice to determine how well they work. Combat is a fast and furious affair, inspired by the likes of LUMEN.
  • Bonds, Reputations, and Legacies: Relationship mechanics allow for even more flexibility in building characters, driven by relationships established in-game: characters who grow close to one another will be able to borrow each others’ abilities and call upon each other for help. As characters grow in level, Reputation mechanics will increasingly define how the world around the protagonists perceives them, whether or not they play into it, and what their legacy will be.
  • Campaign Play: The game, while playable and fun as a one-shot, is really built for campaigns. As characters gain levels, the scope of their interaction with the world and how the world perceives them increases until they themselves become Heroes of legend.
  • A Novel System: Valiant Horizon is the first full game release powered by Binary Star Games’ novel Total//Effect system.

The Team #

Binary Star Games is the publishing imprint of Binary, a developer based in the DC area with a heavy focus on designing fast, elegant, evocative mechanics that maintain depth and mechanical weight; and especially high-speed, high-intensity tactical combat. Support on this project is provided by Marx Shepherd (editing) and Charlotte Laskowski (interior illustrations).

Assets #

High-resolution assets can be found here. You can also browse through/get them on google drive here:

Contact Information #

If you have additional questions or are looking to schedule an interview, please reach out!