Slight change of plans!

Slight change of plans!

September 28, 2021
General Update

Hi there!

Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been working at ACES HIGH and also preparing a different project (to be announced shortly)! ACES HIGH is basically done pre-editing in its current incarnation. But “current incarnation” is the key.

I’ve been thinking about the core mechanics and I’m going to make a few major changes to how certain things work - something that’ll take things further away from core LUMEN and lean a little more some mecha concepts I wanted to emphasize. I decided that it would probably be more confusing to release it as-is given that fact. So my goal is to release an update to the core book, and once those changes are settled, propagate those changes to ACES HIGH. I’ll make a follow-up post detailing the concepts there.

Until next time!