Thoughts about v0.1 -> v0.2: Frame changes and enemy changes

Thoughts about v0.1 -> v0.2: Frame changes and enemy changes

August 26, 2021
Game Design

Hi there! I’m going to talk about some changes to enemies, as well as two minor changes to Frame abilities.

Enemies #

The biggest change to enemies is going to be the number of activations on the GM Turn. Prior to this, the GM would take a number of Moves on the GM Turn equal to the number of Aces. With the amount of tools Aces have at their disposal, however, this doesn’t end up being enough to make much of a dent relative to the number of Drops with a modicum of smart play. The solution is to double the number of Moves taken on the GM Turn. Given the restriction on any given enemy attacking more than once per GM Turn, this doesn’t have much of an impact on suboptimal play, but it makes sure something can happen. This needs more testing at high numbers of PCs, naturally, and Colossus enemies should be given another look given this change.

Additionally, Prime enemy Vigor is going to get another look. I will likely end up splitting Prime enemies into two tiers, with one being for “boss” enemies and the other being for explicitly named enemies.

Frame changes #

There will be changes to the Integral Systems of two Frames: L2-BRAWLER and H3-ANGLER.

L2-BRAWLER’s ability is going to simply get a small reduction in Harm.

H3-ANGLER is more complicated, as its ability is less direct: it pulls in everything Near. On its own this is decently powerful, but it gets far more powerful when combined with anything that can hit all enemies Close to a point (Splash tag, PDC, Rocket launcher, etc). So to make this less effective, two changes are going to be made:

  • Enemies only get moved if they take Harm from it. This means it’s ineffective against Armor and unreliable against Shields.
  • Reduce the number of areas that get pulled in to 2-3 Near hexes. This makes it far less efficient.

There will probably be more changes to both as I look at them more.

Until next time!

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