liminal void

Part 2: Escape from CICP-1 Scenario Teardown

January 3, 2023
TTRPG, ttrpg design, liminal void, total//effect

Ok. This is the part where I talk more firmly about the scenario. (See the map above.) The goal of this scenario, as repeated from above, is the same goals as Level 0 in general: Establish some "starting points" for characters, and give some playstyle options. Figure out, through play, what kind of people your characters were and are. (The Background mechanic is the obvious version of this, but even more subtle decisions inform a character. ...

Liminal Void Quickstart and Scenario Teardown, Part 1: Background, Quickstart rules

January 1, 2023
TTRPG, ttrpg design, liminal void, total//effect

Map of CI Central Processing Station 1 (CICP-1)I'm in a posting mood because I'm putting off finishing writing a press release/kit so I figured I'd ruminate a little bit about how I put the Liminal Void Quickstart rules and scenario, Escape from CICP-1, together. Mild spoilers for the scenario under the fold if you care about that sort of thing, but most of the big scenario stuff is going to be in a follow-up post, but also it's just long and this seems polite. ...